City Council maps terms of UC Berkeley’s Long Range Development Plan

screenshot of zoom meeting
Lauren Huang/Staff
UC Berkeley’s Long Range Development Plan includes annual payments to the city amounting to $82.6 million over the next 16 years. This agreement between Berkeley City Council and UC Berkeley impacts housing, transportation, capital projects, and other city services.

Berkeley City Council heard the terms of UC Berkeley’s Long Range Development Plan, or LRDP, and adopted items on its consent calendar Tuesday.
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Illustration of bridge

Affordable housing can ease housing crisis, but needs funding

Affordable rental housing in California is built by both nonprofit and for-profit developers in partnership with cities, counties and the state. The cost of development and construction is driven up by factors ranging from land prices and environmental review to the rising costs of materials and labor.
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Cal students holding a banner that reads "More affordable student housing" in front of Berkeley City Hall

Berkeley must remember that more housing is not the same as affordable housing

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley’s housing crisis has reached intolerable levels. Community members must actively advocate for affordability

Berkeley City Council approved the creation of a housing complex in Downtown Berkeley entirely at market-rate. Community members have blindly rallied around increased housing, without pushing for the affordability of those developments. What’s the point of building more housing if the people who need it the most can’t afford it?
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