In the interest of transparency

In September, I wrote an opinion column criticizing components of a UC Student Association resolution. The resolution condemns HR 35, and recommends divesting from companies contributing to international human rights violations. To provide a sense of transparency, I would like to address a concern that has been raised about a
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UCSA resolution was merely one reaction to bill

Why we should be focusing on HR 35, not the UCSA reaction to it

Over the past few weeks, The Daily Californian has featured half a dozen articles and opinion pieces discussing the UCSA’s resolution to condemn HR 35. However, conversation surrounding this contentious piece of legislation has been obfuscated by focusing on the UCSA’s process and not the contents of HR 35 itself.
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Jewish students support UCSA vote on HR 35

The vote affirms the struggle to protect Palestinian human rights

In the wake of the UC Student Association’s decision to take a stance for free speech and the human rights of Palestinians and all people, I was disappointed by the Daily Cal’s decision to publish three opinion pieces decrying this as an attack on the Jewish community. As a Jewish
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Two bad resolutions

This morning, a reader emailed me regarding the UC Student Association’s vote repudiating HR 35, a California Assembly resolution aimed at addressing anti-Semitism on state public university campuses. Referring to recent Daily Cal op-eds on the issue, the reader asked for my opinion, “in particular on the attempt by some
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