Photo of Bianca Lee

Life in incognito

Head in the Cloud

When I passed through that Amazon Go market, there was such little interaction between me and the world that the entire experience felt illusory.
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The more, the merrier?

Sex on Tuesday

Social prescriptions limit the acceptable forms of love, and among the most difficult norms to defy is monogamy. If your instincts carry you outside social convention — as mine have — you must work all the more diligently for love to succeed.
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Minor crimes against humanity at UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley, which we have continuously been reminded is the No. 1 public university in the world, is filled with all sorts of intelligent people, but sometimes they do stupid and annoying things. Many of these things drive us up the wall or make us cringe to the point of pain. Frankly,
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‘Hey, can you watch my stuff?’

We’ve all been there. You’re studying for your midterm in the library and, after drinking two large Peet’s coffees and an iced tea from Caffe Strada, you realize that your studies will have to be abruptly interrupted by a quick bathroom break. After avoiding the urge for a good seven
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A call for ecological action

Consensus shows humanity’s life support systems are imperiled

Our planet’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems, together with their climatic envelopes and geological substrates, and the processes and products resulting from their functioning represent humanity’s life-support systems. Their roles include the capture of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, supplying food, provisioning of drinkable water, controlling soil erosion,  suppressing pest,
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