Don’t drown in your tears

With seven weeks of the semester behind us, we’re officially in the middle of the our 15-week-long struggle. The midterms epidemic is sweeping through the student body, and the relaxing days of syllabus week are merely fond memories from the past. During this time, it’s easy to get caught up in the woes
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Hope is the thing that flickers

Tales of Two Cities

“Humanity has become an isolated island among wild waves of discrimination and extremism. On this island live those isolated few, their voices fading in the midst of the roaring cries for vengeance and murder. I’m not optimistic about a population increase on that island anytime soon. But maybe in the
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Top ramen wishes and taco night dreams

Broke in Berkeley

Corn tortillas were being warmed over an open gas burner, perfuming the kitchen with that taco night scent. A simmering pan bubbled and spat, and I spotted a mounded bowl of shredded jack cheese. Tomatoes, lettuce and onions were arranged like birthday balloons in bright colors, and bottle of crema
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The danger in being too comfortable

Not so funny, guise

It is one of the first things that makes students uncomfortable when moving to Berkeley — the widespread poverty. Encountering this social welfare problem tends to be strange because for the majority of students, this level of poverty is only seen on occasion and probably not seen in our hometowns.
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