Glimpse into the I-House community

We at the Clog had the pleasure of catching a glimpse into the seemingly insular community at the International House. They were having their weekly coffee hour and the featured country was Korea. With K-pop blasting in the background and eager revelers crowding around the calligraphy table, I-House proved anything
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A Pokemon Go story

Earl Grey, who is definitely not fake and is totally a real person we didn’t just make up in order to singularly represent us as a student body, was just another UC Berkeley student going about his days. He was taking Computer Science 61A for the summer and all was
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International Students at Cal Episode 1: Japanese Coffee Hour

The Daily Californian presents International Students at Cal, an interview series featuring international students on campus. For our first episode, we covered International House’s coffee hour, which is presented by Japanese exchange students. Video by Alison Tang, Sonja Xu, Yuka Koshino Animation by Zachary Vogel Intro Music by Karen Lin