Look me in the eye

Off the Beat

As a Korean American woman, it feels as though every decision I make about my appearance is intertwined with my race, gender, identity and cultural history.
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Dresses, skirts, baggy shirts

Thinking Outside the Binary

I erased the preconceived notion that nonbinary was a strictly androgynous gender, and realized it is, instead, a rejection of any binary or trinary.
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Who We Are S01 E03

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok explore the notion of queer community, how well it welcomes — or at times, erases — different queer identities and how queer community manifests differently for everyone.    

Who We Are S01 E02

Opinion editors Aidan Bassett and Kat Shok discuss the power of media representation — and misrepresentation — to influence how younger queer people see themselves and to shape or distort how the queer community appears to the wider world.