Not Vietnamese enough

Off the Beat

Jennifer. This is your white name. Little Thảo didn’t understand the feelings that would come out of accepting this small change.
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I am not diversity

git reset

Over the years, I’ve recognized that my appearance is perhaps the only outlier in this tech community that overwhelmingly represents individuals like me.
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Mi vida con Frida

Cutting Room Floor

I imagined that Frida was a woman who grappled with the same identity struggle that I had been toying with my entire life.
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Yes, I speak English

Lost in Translation

By the time Golden Bear Orientation finally ended and some kind of feeling began to creep back into my overtired muscles, I had practically developed a template for the conversations that I had with every new student. And it went something like this. First, I’d pick a personality. Who did
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Am I woke yet?


What’s whiter than a 4-month-old jar of mayonnaise? An Ashkenazi Jew. It’s always amusing when people express their shock that I, a woman paler than Casper the Friendly Ghost, am ethnically Middle Eastern.
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