It’s all Greek to you


It has happened so many times that it feels like a single, repeated memory. I’ll be walking back from discussion or dance practice with a new classmate or teammate also heading east up Channing Way. As we reach an intersection, I stop her from turning down the street without me.
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The importance of student-led change in campus life

Unsafe alcohol use has long been an elephant in the room in regards to fraternity and sorority events not only at UC Berkeley, but nationwide. Throughout the past few semesters, we’ve seen national headlines about fraternities across the country involved in a variety of serious trouble — much of it
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Tokyo drama plot drags

‘Like Someone in Love’ feels incomplete yet is compelling

What do you get when you cross an Iranian filmmaker, French co-producers and an all-Japanese cast? Thankfully, it’s not a punchline, but it’s not exactly a tour de force either.
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