It’s time to return to the economics of immigration reform

If you’re like me and scan headlines over breakfast, hoping for mention of immigration reform, you know the past weeks have been rough — that oatmeal just doesn’t shine as it did when bipartisan efforts were under way. And when you remember that time is running out with the upcoming
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Close to 1 million dreams protected, 10.5 million to go

For many years, I have lived in fear of deportation and permanently leaving the country I call home. The fear of being separated from my friends, my family and my community; the fear of not being accepted within my own community; the fear of contacting the police in a time of need and the fear of losing my hope and dreams after graduating from college.
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Dream on

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: We are happy with President Barack Obama’s new immigration policy and hope it leads to the passage of the federal DREAM Act.

We applaud President Barack Obama’s move to stop deporting young immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children. It does not give immigrants amnesty or a pathway to citizenship. However, the president’s action is a momentous step in the right direction.
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