Let’s just pretend

Launching into Limbo

Granted I am 19 now and spending my days making fake phone calls to people who don’t exist would certainly raise some valid concerns. But those unburdened years — spent pursuing entirely made-up occupations from the comfort of my living room — seemed valuable to me.
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How to prepare for those dreaded Thanksgiving dinner questions

You’re sitting around the dinner table surrounded by mounds of delicious food and the conversation is freely flowing. You finally get to see your favorite baby cousin, and the room is full of happiness and laughter. Suddenly, your aunt, who’s always trying to “get with the times,” decides to offhandedly bring up that
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How to make it feel more or less like winter

Berkeley, California, is pretty bland, weather-wise. There doesn’t seem to be seasons — its winter weather is somewhat akin to its spring weather. Seventy degrees is the standard and people rarely need more than a hoodie and jeans to stay warm. At the same time, places along the East Coast are shrouded
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