Thank God for the first generation

A Whole New World

It is time, then, to appreciate the first generation and the ones who are rapidly forgotten. It is time to revisit how much they did for us and how much we did not understand in our younger years.
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Time has come for single-payer healthcare

Recently, it has been reported that 7.5 million Americans have enrolled in Obamacare, many more than expected. Yes, it’s better than before: overall, Americans are insured, and insurance companies are no longer allowed to overcharge or deny coverage to the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions. Key issues persist, however:
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Local, organic, and free of sexual assault

I do not report happy stories. Whether it is torture and disappearances in Latin America or child murders in Mississippi, I have dedicated my career to uncovering the ugly. So when my reporting team and I received a tip at the Investigative Reporting Program that female farm workers were being
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