Pardon the interruption

NATIONAL ISSUES: Former ASUC Senator and UC Berkeley alumnus Ju Hong took a bold stand by interrupting President Obama’s speech.

Going into President Barack Obama’s big immigration speech last week in San Francisco, few expected to hear anything beyond his usual pro-reform stump speech. In the middle of Obama’s remarks, however, it was quickly apparent that there was nothing usual about this event. Among the many people standing behind the
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It’s time to return to the economics of immigration reform

If you’re like me and scan headlines over breakfast, hoping for mention of immigration reform, you know the past weeks have been rough — that oatmeal just doesn’t shine as it did when bipartisan efforts were under way. And when you remember that time is running out with the upcoming
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Always human, never illegal

CAMPUS ISSUES: The ASUC Senate should pass a bill under consideration that attempts to tackle the stigma of undocumented immigration

Regardless of how many times people use the phrase “illegal immigrants,” human beings cannot ever be “illegal.” A bill recently introduced in the ASUC Senate aims to address the misuse of the word “illegal” as it relates to immigration. The bill urges the campus community to drop the “I-word” when
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Rights for all, not for some

STATE ISSUES: Legislation focused on undocumented Californians who aren’t perfect will aid millions more and address painful stigmas.

Legislation aimed at immigration reform often focuses on granting rights to undocumented Americans who are exceptionally accomplished individuals. Just recently, California passed a bill that will enable undocumented Americans who pass the bar exam to practice law, and the widely discussed DREAM Act, now law in California, opens financial aid
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Off the beat: Pursuing a Cal education

It’s finally here — my senior year. As I waited in line for L&S advising in Evans Hall to triple-check my graduation requirements, I came into a conversation with a freshman girl from Vietnam. “Do you have a green card?“ she asked. The question took me back for a minute
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Fourth-graders rally to bring Rodrigo Guzman home

When Rodrigo and his parents were told they would not be allowed to return to the United States after a winter break visit to Mexico because they had failed to renew their visas, his classmates in Berkeley launched a campaign and circulated a petition to bring him home.
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No compromise on immigration reform

In 2006, the movement for immigrant rights — born out of high school walkouts and massive demonstrations that shut down Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and other cities — handed president Bush his first major political defeat and changed American politics forever. The movement’s goal was to defeat a draconian
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