A garden of thoughts

Photo of Jonathan Hale

Being an impostor is the chip on my shoulder. A reminder of the fact that even with all my flaws and failures, I still managed to get to where I’m at.
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Photo of Elise Kim

I’m afraid I don’t know

Things I Didn't Say

Looking at everything through a metaphoric lens allows me to capture it all within a narrower frame — one that’s easier to digest and given specific intention. There’s a reason for each scene which contributes to a timeline that has an end.
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An alumnus’s ambitions through adversity

Like a social pariah among victors with seemingly endless opportunities, I tactfully observed a living system of privilege and oppression that causes present and generational pain. I refused to submit to this feeling as I forged a new way forward.
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photo of students studying in the library

Initiation: A poem

Autumn in Berkeley is the bathroom flooding from the rain  And going for a drink anyway Talking about which professors we prefer at the bar   Somehow there’s warmth in the gray sky No heater in a building that’s 200 years old Impostor syndrome fades away when We’re huddled around
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connor lin

I can write, too

Off the beat

The impostor syndrome within my own organization, even as an editor, was overbearing enough to deter me from writing a column for years.
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