Understanding purpose anxiety: A personal essay

gloomy photo of campus
Ryan Kendrick/Staff

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, perhaps some of the most dreadful questions college students receive surround their ambitions. Although we know they come with good intentions most of the time, questions surrounding our academic journeys and career paths such as “How’s your degree going?” or “What’s your
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Photo of Annie Lin

Finding my place

My first year at UC Berkeley, although virtual and 2,905 miles away from home, has been an experience that might not be unique — but it’s certainly been enlightening.
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Impostor syndrome in STEM

Cracking the Code Ceiling

It’s taken a lot of energy and effort to try to combat my impostor syndrome and stop comparing myself within STEM. Whether it’s taking the time to write or calling an old friend in between classes, I try to remember the things outside of academia that make me who I am.
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