Bake sale going forward as planned despite national protest

Despite massive outcries of protest from campus organizations, the Berkeley College Republicans are adamant in going ahead with their controversial bake sale. The sale — intended as a satirical response to the affirmative action-like SB 185 currently awaiting Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature — will involve baked goods that are priced
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Reactions to controversial bake sale at UC Berkeley

View “The public reacts to UC Berkeley’s bake sale controversy” on Storify View “The public reacts to UC Berkeley’s bake sale controversy” on Storify Claire Perlman is the assistant university news editor.

Complete coverage of the UC Berkeley Republican bake sale controversy

This page will aggregate The Daily Californian’s coverage of the Berkeley College Republicans’ “Increase Diversity Bake Sale” and the campus community’s response. Here you will find news, videos and analysis of the controversy.  Go here for a complete collection of the UC Berkeley community’s commentary on the bake sale. Follow
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Bake sale stirs up racism debate

Student leaders from various organizations have publicly denounced the Berkeley College Republicans’ plans to hold an “Increase Diversity Bake Sale,” where the race of the consumer would determine the price of a baked good. The bake sale, announced Thursday evening in a Facebook post, is intended to protest the affirmative
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