Education is not (yet) ‘the great equalizer’

Sorry, Horace Mann. You are wrong. Education cannot be “the great equalizer” –– or at least under the current conditions of the United States, it can’t be. We constantly hear from policymakers and politicians that education, particularly college education, can bridge racial and social inequalities, lead young people to enriching
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Transferring is inherently political

Community-less College

Two years ago, I cried on the steps of De Anza College. I felt ashamed by the realization that I was a part of the single-digit percentage of Cupertino students who ended up going to community college. My internalization of this stigma knew no bounds — I would hide my
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Stop treating millennials like a punchline

Members of the millennial generation face unique challenges, and older Americans need to recognize this.

Whether it’s on the front pages of decaying media conglomerates or the stuff of “sharebait” BuzzFeed listicles, bashing — or at the very least poking fun at — millennials is “in.” In May, TIME columnist Joel Stein wrote a glitzy cover story about millennials, or, as the magazine referred to
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Will hope end inequality?

Last week, the latest video in the Blum Center for Developing Economies’ #GlobalPOV series was released, asking an important question about the role of hope in social change efforts.  Last week, approximately 8,000 undocumented residents were deported from the country where they have lived their lives, raised their families and
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The Gatsby state of mind

Cultural cadence

“If that’s a freaking Gatsby-themed party, I’m going to stab my eyes out,” my brother scoffed as he glanced across the restaurant before taking a sip of his Old Fashioned in true Don Draper style. This was a couple of weeks ago on a typical crisp San Francisco night —
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‘Love’ in a bus

You have love on your jacket,” said a man next to me. I nod and keep staring out the window. He is a foot taller than me. The canvas coat he wears is stained with grease, and he smells like a gutter. Moments earlier, he said he had served in
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