Green for go

Cutting Room Floor

I see colors when I read. There’s a scientific name for this sort of thing, but it’s kind of an awful-sounding mouthful, so instead, just take my word for it — I see colors when I read. Instead of externally visualizing anything, it’s more like I just inherently know them.
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Lit with Lindsay: A field guide to historical literature

I’ve always struggled with reading “historical” literature — basically, anything that takes place before the 20th century. And while I have friends who consume copious amounts of Victorian literature, Chaucer and Old English translations, I think plenty of people feel the same as I do. It’s just not as common
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How to: craft a summer to-do list

Summer is here and finals are over. At long last, there is time to breathe. But whether you’ve chosen to stay on-campus, travel the world or nestle into your favorite home couch, it’s a sure fact that summer is a difficult time to take advantage of. Three months of unbridled
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