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An ode to indulgent artists

Reading “difficult” novels trained me to exist in the moment, devoting every ounce of my attention to understanding the words in front of me. I no longer find my eyes flitting to dialogue, skimming past action lines to get to the end of the book.
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Grimes’ new music video is top-notch experimental cinema

  An all-American country queen, a Renaissance-inspired art student, a moody streetwear star and a dancer trapped in a cyber dreamland — this is the bizarre assortment of characters introduced in Grimes’ new music video for her latest hit, “California.” If you’re already thinking, “Holy crap, that sounds like a
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Joaquin Phoenix gets stoned in ‘Inherent Vice’

Draped in translucent lights and pot-smoking subversions, “Inherent Vice” takes the infinitely rich imagination that can be found in a novel and brings its energy to the screens. Based on the 2009 novel by Thomas Pynchon, Paul Thomas Anderson writes and directs the crime comedy-drama adaptation, breathing life into the
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