Othering, Belonging Institute report details prevailing beliefs in Inland Empire

photo of Stevens Hall
Eran Kohen Behar/Staff
A report released Monday by UC Berkeley's Othering and Belonging Institute, which is located in Stevens Hall, surveyed relations between groups in the Inland Empire. The report addressed perspectives on economic opportunities and political power, among others.

UC Berkeley’s Othering & Belonging Institute released a report Monday examining ongoing beliefs and narratives among varying subgroups in Southern California’s Inland Empire. 
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Raising Baybies

Your Mom Goes to College

Kids only begin to fear what is different when we, as their parents, attach value or judgement to it.
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As a teenager, night after night, I climbed out of my window on the second story, crawled across the roof and then dropped down into the yard, where my family’s German Shepherd, Schultzy, slept. I tried not to rile up too many dogs as I crept through my neighborhood to
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Looking beyond the buildings

Urban Animal

One night last spring, I went hiking with a housemate whom I disliked but who had brought whiskey along. On the way to the Big C, I told him I was living off of coffee, sleeping in class and wearing dirty clothes. For both of us, at some point the
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