Arts, tech and urban planning intersect at Open City/Art City

“I am a postcard machine from the future!” a pseudo-robotic female voice says from inside a colorful fabric booth, along with a few “beeps” and “boops.” Through a wide slot in the “postcard machine,” a hand slides out a card, embellished with backstitches and drawings done by hand. It confidently
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The gospel of Snapchat

Millennial Meltdown

I’m no ghost expert. Nor do I imagine, based on the drawing of the ghost on the application icon, is Snapchat. But I would hazard to guess that ghosts are either invisible or, on the whole, fairly inconspicuous.
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Film photography shines at RayKo Photo Center

It’s easy to mistake the history of photography as one of linear progress. Before there was Instagram, there was Polaroid. Before that, there were darkrooms and daguerreotypes. In the era of eight megapixel iPhone cameras, it is tempting to proclaim that film is dead, but photography’s trajectory isn’t nearly so
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FOMO: fear of missing out

Off the Beat

I could hardly sit still in my room long enough to watch a TV show, and sometimes that drove me positively crazy. It’s acceptable to spend a Tuesday buried in books; try the same thing on a Saturday, and the fear of missing out, aka FOMO, rears its ugly head.
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A typical day of a UC Berkeley student through Instagram

If you order coffee, but you don’t Instagram it, did you really order coffee? Social media infiltrates every hour of our lives. We’ve seen UC Berkeley students Instagram literally everything. (Is Facebook not enough for you people?) To understand the trend fully, we’ve timelined the quintessential day of a UC
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What we usually go through when posting a selfie on Instagram

Instagram: originator of the infamous “selfie,” enabler of our unhealthy stalking habits and facilitator of our incessant need to document every aspect of our lives. So if your days at Cal are spent mindlessly scrolling through your Instafeed behind a textbook, we’ll bet that when you post a selfie, it goes
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Xtreme discomfort


Hey Megaphone, So I did the thing you’re never supposed to do. I was fooling around on Xtube, and I thought I spotted someone familiar. Very familiar. It’s my roommate. Some of his stuff was shot at home, but a lot of it was clearly filmed in our room. A
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