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Make Instagram casual again

In the long run, you might find that making your Instagram carefree and more personal is not only beneficial for your mental health but also a brilliant and candid time capsule to look back on. Instead of seeing a false identity or fictitious version of yourself, you can enjoy the real memories and random pictures that represent who you really are as you scroll through your feed.
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Illustration of different skin types

Extending the body positivity movement to skin

Most of us have seen the body positivity movement blow up, a push to deconstruct societal ideas of the perfect body — the thin, Eurocentric, size zero model — and promote self-love and body acceptance for women of all different shapes and sizes. Celebrities, influencers and everyday users of social media alike are taking to TikTok and Instagram to post unedited pictures and videos of themselves without flattering lighting and angles as a way of celebrating how their natural bodies really look on a daily basis, thereby teaching us that stretch marks, fat rolls, cellulite, body hair and other so-called “imperfections” are all perfectly normal and beautiful.
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Chasing your music dream

Off the Beat

For most of us, our musical dreams tend to somehow slip through the cracks, our fingers too thin, too weak or too slippery to catch them. But it’s much easier to make excuses than to start executing plans, and that knowledge, I know, will bug me until I too start chasing my dreams.
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Photo of makeup brushes

Makeup tips for hot, sweaty summer

When I worked in retail, I remember running all over the store drenched in sweat. Over time, I learned how to keep my makeup on my face through any condition: naps, workouts and even water. Now, I want to pass on that knowledge from my experience to anyone in the same boat. 
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photo of someone flipping through a book

I joined a book exchange: You should too!

It’s so easy to go on Oprah’s Book Club list or The New York Times Best Sellers to pick out your next read, but receiving people’s favorite books opened me up to so many reads I would have otherwise never come across. Next time you see a book exchange on someone’s Instagram story or on a Facebook page, make sure you opt in!
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