Report shows increased revenue for Cal Athletics

A financial report from Cal Athletics shows an increase in total revenue over the previous fiscal year, despite declining income from pledge seats at Memorial Stadium. The total proceeds — about $29.4 million for fiscal year 2014, more than 26 percent greater than in 2013 — are greater in part due to higher investment returns and leasing and rental revenue.
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Barbour is on the hot seat

CAMPUS ISSUES: Athletic Director Sandy Barbour has had some success, but her record is marred by academic and on-the-field failures.

Cal football fans finally have some good news: After a season of missed tackles, inept coaching and too many injuries to count, our nightmare is over. Cal’s miserable, one-win season is over. When Athletic Director Sandy Barbour, brought aboard in 2004, hired Sonny Dykes earlier this year  — inking him
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School first, sports second

We look to the Academic Senate to represent faculty interests in maintaining the integrity of UC Berkeley as first and foremost a site of research and learning. At a campus ranked best public university in the world for its academic quality, academics must come first.
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Donation should stop athletics from overspending on campus’ dime

Reading The Daily Californian article “Cal Athletics receives $10 million donation for programs, infrastructure,” it is apparent that Cal is lucky to have such generous benefactors as Lisa and Doug Goldman.  Past donations from the Goldman family supported the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley as well as
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Modernizing the UC governance

Governance paper prescriptions are not strong enough to solve fiscal problems on UC campuses

The governance “white paper” from Chancellor Robert Birgeneau and his senior academic staff proposes establishing campuslevel boards for each of the UC campuses and devolving additional powers to campus administrations. This further decentralization of authority would weaken the roles of the systemwide UC Board of Regents and the UC Office
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