Find new internship opportunities with Callisto

UC Berkeley can be a very stressful place, especially when it seems like everyone around you has five jobs, four internships and volunteering positions at two soup kitchens. Here’s the good news: First, that’s not possible unless you’re Rebecca Peters, and second, UC Berkeley’s Career Center provides Callisto, a service to help
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The one in a million

Ask Me Anyway

It’s really intimidating having to constantly meet and impress and appeal to people in both a professional and personal sense. How do you stand out from everyone else? Competition is always going to be high in places such as Berkeley, where literally everyone is a perfect and qualified genius and
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Thoughts you have while composing a professional email

Emails may be the most daunting form of communication — once you click “Send,” there’s no going back. Suddenly, a simple email can determine your next paycheck, so the next time you draft a professional email, check to see if you’re guilty of thinking the following: “Dear _____,” After hours
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Millennials will not follow the carrot


By this point, you’ve all visited the Secret Millennial Research Facility. There’s one right here at the Tang Center. You know, the one where they dangle the carrot on the stick and you run through the maze and at the end you get to choose an Xbox One or a
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Take a ‘real’ break this summer

At Cal, we’re used to going from class to class, job to job and office hour to office hour — from dawn until dusk. It’s a hectic life during the semester with studying, working and still trying to spend time with as many equally stressed-out friends as possible. So when finals
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Surrendering to summer sloth

Michelle's mish-mosh

On my first Monday of summer, I jumped out of bed with a spring in my step, ready to tap into my optimistic “school’s out” mentality and make something of my boundless free time. Summer, that wonderful season where laziness and lethargy are permissible and celebrated. But I was determined
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