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This STEMs from insecurity

Growing Into Myself

College can be awfully suffocating. For these four integral years, we are pigeonholed into majors that supposedly define our entire personality.
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My experience recruiting for summer internships for the first time

Most people avoid the topic of summer internships like the plague. It’s easy to feel a sense of imposter syndrome or worry that you’re behind after scrolling through hundreds of your peers’ posts on LinkedIn announcing their impressive plans for the summer. Nevertheless, I wanted to describe my experience going through internship recruiting season for the first time to let people know it’s okay if you don’t have an internship for this summer yet. Though rejection can certainly be demotivating, it’s important to keep persevering and believing in yourself.  
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Let’s just pretend

Launching into Limbo

Granted I am 19 now and spending my days making fake phone calls to people who don’t exist would certainly raise some valid concerns. But those unburdened years — spent pursuing entirely made-up occupations from the comfort of my living room — seemed valuable to me.
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