5 crimes dumber than grand theft lettering

We’ve all had some experience with grand theft in our lifetimes. Oh, you haven’t? What about that time you were a small schemer plotting to steal that last piece of cake from the fridge as soon as everyone else had gone to sleep? Or when you moved on to stealing cars
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New iOS app ‘Haunting Melissa’ brings horror to smartphones

App from ‘The Ring’ producer Neal Edelstein is a new step for horror

Neal Edelstein loves to tell stories. As the producer of “The Ring,” he improved upon the original Japanese horror film and brought it to English-speaking audiences; now, as the director and producer of new iOS horror app “Haunting Melissa,” Edelstein is bringing horror to the small screen — and with
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The Metamorphosis

Bjork: Biophilia

Biophilia is not easy listening. The Icelandic singer and electronic composer has outdone herself on her eighth album, and the end product is brilliant but also intense. Since her debut in 1992, Bjork has conjured a reputation for pushing the envelope and pioneering new experimental sounds. But not even the remixed
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