Top 10 smartphone apps for students

With the thousands of applications available in the Android marketplace and the iTunes store, it is easy to get lost in the sheer number of choices. Here is a breakdown of the best applications that are a must-have for every smartphone user. 1. Google Music (free, Android + iOS) Google’s
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‘Can you hear me now?’

Man Under Bridge

I’m new to the smartphone game. Every day I feel like I learn something new. A better app for this, a better way to store that. The way my phone has the capability to do so much in such a little frame, the way it documents and organizes my life
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 (phones)

Life in the Matrix

To the producers of TLC’s Hoarders: Here’s a season finale for ya. According to the multibillion, multinational networking firm from the south side of the Bay, Cisco Systems, this year mobile devices will actually outnumber those who consider mobiles’ prices. There will be more number-padded, data-drinking fully charged smartphones and
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iPhones a popular robbery target in Berkeley

iPhones have won out over Google phones for robbers in Berkeley, according to the Berkeley Police Department. Sarah Burns is the lead crime reporter. Correction(s):A previous edition of this post incorrectly labeled iPhone robberies as thefts.