‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ can’t keep up with Jon Hamm’s charisma

20th Century Fox/Courtesy
"Keeping Up with the Joneses" | 20th Century Fox
Grade: C-

Though there hasn’t been a film in recent years adhering to the same plot — boring suburban couple meets super cool spy couple — “Keeping Up with the Joneses” feels like a canned comedy. Maybe because there’s nothing very special about it. The casting itself must have come out of
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Big names and bigger thrills in ‘Now You See Me’

Star cast conjures crime in compelling summer caper

Besides clowns, magicians have the misfortune of being everyone’s least favorite entertainers. They are often cheesy, tacky, deceptive and, above all else, sequined. However, with a dynamic plot as his cape and a star-studded cast as his wand, director Louis Leterrier takes this tired image and makes it disappear. “Now
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‘Guardians’ rises above limits of animated films

In the opening scene of DreamWorks’ newest animated release, “Rise of the Guardians,” an adolescent floats in icy-cold water as a melancholy voiceover tells of his mysterious origin. It almost doesn’t feel like a children’s movie but a surreal, existential universe. When the Danny Phantom-esque boy flies out of the
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