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I ‘for sure’ know what you’re saying

College Core

It’s a strange, liminal space very few kids acknowledge. This new identity, which I have quickly tried on and am still learning to adjust to, is trying and incredibly difficult to fit into sometimes, as if there’s a script and my delivery is always just a little off.
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The Daily Californian Arts Awards: Music of 2018

This year, women are at the forefront of modern music. From those already at the top of their game, such as ponytail-wearing superstar Ariana Grande, to those just getting started, such as U.K. R&B singer Jorja Smith, female artists have dominated 2018’s soundtrack with their bops, ballads and visual albums.
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What that mouth do?

Your Mom Goes to College

I was only 22 at the time, but being a parent in your early twenties surrounded by people without kids has a funny way of making you feel like the mom chaperoning your daughter’s prom.
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