Three questions for the ASUC candidates

The Devil's Advocate

To my knowledge, no ASUC candidate from a major party has said anything controversial this election season. We’ve heard a lot of nebulous rhetoric about “leading Cal to a brighter future” and “improving campus climate.” But I haven’t heard anyone from CalServe or Student Action say something a substantial number
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Speaking frankly, persuading subtly

On Thursday, Representative Barney Frank took the stage of a crowded Dwinelle lecture hall, addressing an enthusiastic audience of students with his typical congressional swagger. Best known for his former chairmanship of the House Financial Services Committee (and remarkable comeback abilities), one would expect the Massachusetts congressman to speak about
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Three pepper-sprayed south of UC Berkeley campus following protest

Three people were pepper sprayed south of the UC Berkeley campus Saturday afternoon after a pro-Palestine protest staged in an intersection drew pro-Israel supporters, according to police. According to Berkeley Police Department Lt. Dave Frankel, a group of about 10 pro-Palestine demonstrators protesting Israeli occupation momentarily took over the intersection
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Talking for and against doesn’t mean real talk

A response to the pro-con debate about the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations

I was sitting down, calmly getting ready for my afternoon study session when I came across “the Lewis battle” in The Daily Californian, about Israel and the Palestinian bid for statehood in the United Nations. It was unsurprising that considerable analysis has been left out when the campus receives just
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What factors are really behind the statehood bid?

On Sept. 23, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, submitted a formal request for the United Nations to recognize a Palestinian State. This measure is not supported by Israel or the United States because they see such a move outside the context of direct negotiations as counterproductive. In
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Statehood is a right for Palestinians in occupied lands

Last month, the Palestinian Authority submitted a proposal to the United Nations calling for recognition of a Palestinian state. Though the proposed state consists of only 22 percent of the land historically contested by Israelis and Palestinians, Israel and the United States vehemently objected to the statehood bid, with President
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