ASUC Senate to revisit Israel divestment

The ASUC Senate will be revisiting one of UC Berkeley’s most contentious issues with the introduction of a bill that calls for the divestment of all ASUC and UC funds from any companies associated with the Israeli military or settlement activity in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
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Israel’s tolerance

Israel should be praised for its commitment to inclusion, not denigrated for its minor flaws

This week Tikvah: Students for Israel held our sixth annual Israel Peace and Diversity Week (IPD Week). As always, there was an array of informative lectures, exciting activities and educational events about the most vibrant democracy in the Middle East. Israel Peace and Diversity Week has special importance given the
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Demonstrators stage mock military checkpoint by Sather Gate

About 15 demonstrators staged a mock military checkpoint by Sather Gate Monday afternoon in protest of Israeli soldiers’ presence on a main West Bank city thoroughfare. The checkpoint, which was in place around 1 p.m. for about half an hour, was part of a larger series of demonstrations to raise
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Ugly Americans

The Discomfort Zone

This past winter break, I went back to Israel. As I have lived there intermittently over the past few years, the trip served as a way to reconnect with family, friends and a place that has held many meaningful experiences for me. The trip was composed of a few families
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Off the beat: Israel, the salad bowl?

I still remember that day in fifth grade like it was yesterday. “America is not a melting pot — it’s a salad bowl,” my teacher told us. “We have lots of different cultures — carrots, cucumbers, lettuce — but they don’t mix.” Ten-year-old me, eyes full of tears, rushed home to
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Letter: Week of Jan. 21

Outrage at Dirks’ divestment remark Editor’s Note: A version of this letter was previously published in the Columbia Daily Spectator.  The undersigned faculty members of the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies at Columbia University feel outraged after reading the assertions made by Nicholas Dirks, our former colleague and
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Why would you go there?

It seems odd to have to prove to Israel’s very nationals why a 23-year-old girl would want to outlive the stresses of her last year in college in their country for the remnants of summer 2012. Even when their Mediterranean beaches are world famous, their Tel Aviv nightlife rivals many
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We are not satisfied with neutrality

I can see why people still believe that Israel wants peace. Recent news coverage concerning the attacks on Gaza frequently echoes Israel’s right to self-defense and emphasizes the state of Israel’s humanity in warning Palestinian civilians of imminent assault. I can see why, depending on what news you hear, you
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On sacred spaces

Religiously Inclined

I recently watched the film “Kingdom of Heaven,” and I was struck by one of the final lines spoken by the character Saladin, a Muslim leader who battled to take over Jerusalem during the era of the Crusades. When questioned by Orlando Bloom’s character, Balian, a valiant defender of the
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