State bill proposed to help certain undocumented students obtain work-study

Ryan Serpa/Staff
Work-study jobs on campus range from foodservice in one of CalDining's many locations on campus to checking residents in and out of the Residence Halls. Solomon Nwoche, who graduated this past winter but took advantage of the option to extend his work-study position for an extra semester, attends the Moffitt Front Desk.

A law that would provide state funding for undocumented students currently ineligible for work-study opportunities under federal law was heard in the state legislature Thursday.
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Napolitano announces new $5 million intiative to aid undocumented students

Two other initiatives to assist UC postdoctoral fellows and graduate students

UC President Janet Napolitano unveiled a plan to bolster university support for undocumented students Wednesday, announcing she will allocate $5 million of non-state, non-tuition funds to provide these students greater access to university resources.
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