If James Bond was actually realistic, relevant in 2015

After watching Spectre, which is now the first and only James Bond movie that I’ve seen, I was bothered by how unrealistic, and quite frankly ridiculous, some aspects of an otherwise brilliant film were. Here’s a short list of situations that the writers can include for their next film. These
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Don’t forget, silly!

Hey, you! You are about to do something silly. Yes, something really, really silly — like trip on the last step of a flight of stairs because you thought you were all right not looking down since you made it this far. Look at this list of silly things not to do, study
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James Bond spies no more

Between Two Ponds

Bond, James Bond. He comes to my mind whenever espionage and eavesdropping are mentioned. He suavely prowls through the maelstrom of bullets and explosions with the same swagger with which he would walk through a crowded ballroom. What the recently released Snowden documents and foreign news outlets allege, however, is
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