Lecturers in limbo

As the number of lecturers on campus rise, debate persists over their role

In past decades, lecturers served as temporary instructors, filling in for tenured faculty. But increasingly, the university relies on lecturers, who have fewer employment safeguards and lower salaries, to teach courses.
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Campus office helps new faculty adjust to life in Berkeley

Faced with continually dwindling state funding and increasing competition from private universities, Lisa Bagnatori’s job — making sure the best and brightest professors choose to make UC Berkeley their home — is not always easy. A Cal alumna, Bagnatori was hired in 2008 as the campus’s CALcierge, a position created
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The titles, they are a-changin’

Two UC Berkeley administrators have been set free of their extraordinarily lengthy and difficult-to-memorize administrative titles in favor of simplicity, according to an email sent to UC Berkeley faculty and staff members Wednesday.