UC finalizes changes to sexual harassment and sexual violence policy

The policy, which was officially released July 31, was a response to a state appellate court decision from last year that ruled that respondents are entitled to certain rights when accused of sexual misconduct in higher education environments. It replaces an interim policy that went into effect in March.
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Illustration of person holding complaint in front of maze titled OPHD

Campus Title IX investigations continue to be opaque, discouraging

CAMPUS ISSUES: UC Berkeley must provide students with clear timelines, better-structured resources

With the lengthy and tumultuous Searle case finally coming to a close, there is an example of what the timeline for SVSH cases looks like and what disciplinary action comes out of them. But this case makes it strikingly apparent that OPHD processes are flawed
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UC police detain 2 minors, handcuff 11-year-old at playground

The two minors, who are Black, are sons of UC Berkeley students. They called the department in the afternoon complaining that a woman at the park was taking photos of them, according to UC Berkeley spokesperson Janet Gilmore. When police arrived on the scene, they found a woman who accused one of the minors of stealing her purse earlier that morning.
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