An illustration of columnist Annalise Kamegawa.

Annalise: A hapa

At This Point

Every time I introduce myself, I hand over this thick Japanese last name, but I can’t help but feel like it’s a misnomer for my actual racial background.
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An American abroad

As one of a few Americans living in a small town in Japan, I’ve had to do a lot of explaining. Over the last three months I’ve lived here, I have fielded questions about the United States such as: “Are all the cheeseburgers huge?” and “Have you met Orlando Bloom?”
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Short story: Maru 2.0

Maru 2.0 was not a normal dog. It couldn’t walk very fast, as its legs were all mechanical. They were only capable of slowly rotating on gears and hinges. Not only were its legs mechanical, but its heart and liver and spleen and bones and muscles and intestines and lungs
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Pokemon Go unites disconnected students

If you’ve noticed a peculiar vibrance among students at Caffe Strada, Martinez Commons and even other landmark sites over the course of the last few days, then maybe this article will help explain the oddities occurring in Berkeley. These oddities are due to a downloadable app for the mobile phone that released July 6 called Pokemon Go. Glued to their phones and encouraged to travel for the sake of progress and advancement in the latest Pokemon franchise installment, trainers, primarily college students, are collaborating and exploring with one another in an effort to catch rare and powerful Pokemon.
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