Japandroids leaves previous sound for disappointing new direction

Japandroids Near to the Wild Heart of Life | Anti Records
Grade: C+

Guitarist Brian King and drummer David Prowse from Vancouver, British Columbia, blend their voices and the sounds of classic rock and indie punk to establish a band harboring a warmly familiar sound. The pair’s proximity to so many rock and roll greats and contemporaries — Green Day, Foo Fighters, maybe
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Playlist of the week: the Coachella catch

As the hordes of students begin to flock back to campus from their memorable weekend(s) at Coachella and are forced to face the final crunch of the semester, they’ll have many sweet memories to liven up the impending finals season. For those of us who stayed in the Berkeley area,
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Japandroids fuse energy and emotion at the Independent

Japandroids, occupy the opposite end of the musical spectrum from Green and his classic soul. Whereas Green was in tune with the channels of love, Japandroids summon the triumph, anxiety and inhibitions of youth. The duo made up of Brian King and David Prowse, delighted a jam-packed crowd at the Independent last week.
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Japandroids: Celebration Rock

It’s a miracle that Celebration Rock even exists. After two unappreciated EPs, Japandroids’ debut album, 2009’s Post-Nothing, was supposed to be their swan song — a last ditch effort before exiting the stage and calling it quits. But Post-Nothing unexpectedly won the affection of both yearning critics and head-banging fans,
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