What’s in a name?

Off the Beat

When it comes to names with kanji, it becomes possible to mix past and present by changing only the reading or the kanji.
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Tenseless, untenable

Kind of chaos

Admitting that I want to be a writer frightens me because it feels as though I would have to relinquish my own temporality.
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The irony in allegiance

Life in America was the only one they knew. Yet they were stripped of their identities and subject not only to incarceration by the government but also popularized racist sentiment among fellow Americans.
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Miso soup recipe

This is the dream recipe for miso soup that is both easy to make and packed full of umami flavor. Packed full of sodium, pre-made soup isn’t the healthiest option for our already terrible college student diet. Lucky for us, a quick and easy recipe for miso soup exists. During my time
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