photo of chawan-mushi dish

Steamed egg: A staple side dish in Asian cuisine

Warm, smooth and savory, steamed egg is a popular side dish in many Asian countries such as Japan (referred to as chawanmushi), Korea (gyeranjjim) and China (zheng dan). Although it may look complicated, it’s actually a simple dish and can be made by a beginner. Moreover, the dish is versatile and can be easily tailored based on one’s own preferences. Here’s how you can make it in no time! 
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What’s in a name?

Off the Beat

When it comes to names with kanji, it becomes possible to mix past and present by changing only the reading or the kanji.
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Tenseless, untenable

Kind of chaos

Admitting that I want to be a writer frightens me because it feels as though I would have to relinquish my own temporality.
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