Berkeley Forum panelists discuss future of firearms in US

The Berkeley Forum hosted a panel of gun policy experts Friday night to discuss the future of firearms and public safety in America. While the panelists agreed on the need to address gun violence while protecting Second Amendment rights, they differed on the extent to which the government should intervene.
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A life-changing experience abroad

Birthright makes for engaging and powerful trip in Israel

After reading, then re-reading Jason Willick’s Monday column “Why we love Israel,” I was upset. I was not upset about the way he portrayed right-wing Israelis, and I am far from a supporter of Sheldon Adelson. Rather, I was upset how the article comes across as a generalization about the Birthright experience, as one operated by hot-headed rightists and supporters of settlers, where brainwashing about the devil incarnate that is “Modern Islam” is rife. It is this sort of sordid idea of the “Birthright experience” that might corrupt an altogether powerful, if not engaging and challenging, trip.
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