Mon-Shane Chou for AAVP

CAMPUS ISSUES: After meeting with both contenders, The Daily Californian's Senior Editorial board recommends Mon-Shane Chou as AAVP.

After meeting with each candidate, we recommend Chou as the 2014-15 AAVP because of her institutional knowledge and specific goals for the office.
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ASUC Senate committees convene for 1st meetings

The standing committees — Finance; Constitutional and Procedural Review; University and External Affairs; and Advocacy Agenda — meet every Monday to deal with specialized ASUC operations. Temporary and ad hoc committees can be formed throughout the term to deal with unforeseen situations such as an unexpected office vacancy.
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Student Action scores the ASUC presidency

CalSERVE wins three executives and largest senate bloc; all 3 SQUELCH! senators elected

ASUC executive and senate hopefuls crammed into the lecture hall of Valley Life Sciences Building with about 400 other spectators, shed tears and exchanged embraces as they learned the results of this year’s ASUC elections.
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Reactions to 2014 ASUC general election results

The ASUC Elections ended Thursday night with a Student Action candidate Pavan Upadhyayula back as the President as CalSERVE won the three remaining executive seats. Both Student Action and CalSERVE won seven ASUC Senate seats each.
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