UC strikes deal with Elsevier to increase research accessibility

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Sunny Shen/File
A publishing agreement between the UC system and Elsevier is expected to go into effect Apri 1 and continue through March 31, 2025. The contract will enable open access publishing in more than 2,000 Elsever journals and reestablish UC access to Elsevier journal articles.

Marking a large step toward making research freely available to all, the UC system struck an open publishing deal with research publishing giant Elsevier.
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UC to negotiate terms with world’s largest publisher of scholarly articles

On Dec. 31, the five-year contract between the University of California’s California Digital Libraries, or CDL, and Elsevier – the largest publisher of scholarly articles in the world – will expire. Tensions are mounting between the University of California and Elsevier as they strive to negotiate new terms for the next contract.
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