Episode #3: Semen Demon

Hard and Soft

In the third episode of Hard and Soft, Chris and Josh interview the infamous “Semen Demon,” a Cal student and notorious jerking enthusiast. Listen to hosts Chris and Josh take on masturbation, awkward roommate encounters, and triple-round bursts- oh my! Thank you for your support for Hard and Soft! Every
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Dirty habits die hard

Sex on Tuesday

I have the porn habits of an adolescent boy. Whenever I have convenient breaks in my schedule I’ll come home after class, eat a snack, watch some porn, rub one out, and go back to campus. During breaks when I spend weeks back home in Southern California with nothing to do, I’ll hole up in my room and watch videos up to five, six, seven times a day. Porn is also fun to watch recreationally when I’m not trying to get off — the full length films with real plots and mind-blowing acting are my favorite.
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