Progress on homelessness

CITY AFFAIRS: The Compassionate Sidewalks Plan is a good start toward fixing the city’s homelessness problem after the failure of Measure S.

Berkeley’s debate over its failed measure to restrict sitting on commercial sidewalks left many questions unanswered. Though members of both sides agreed that homelessness was a problem, once voters rejected Measure S, the city was left without a solution. Berkeley City Councilmember Jesse Arreguin’s Compassionate Sidewalks Plan, set to be
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Beyond Measure S

CITY AFFAIRS: Following the failure of Berkeley’s proposed ban on sitting on commercial sidewalks, solutions to homelessness are still needed.

When Berkeley voters were weighing whether to approve Measure S, we hoped the ballot initiative would fail and force the local community to come up with better solutions to combat homelessness. Now, that moment has arrived. The measure, which would have prohibited sitting on commercial sidewalks in Berkeley during certain
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