A circumcised heart


After almost two decades of trying and failing to have boys in vinyl record and vintage bookshops notice me, I convinced myself that the boys simply didn’t like me because I was too much for them to handle.
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A Catholic’s conundrum

Thanks to an abundance of crucifixion statues, we accustom ourselves to death early on, though our tiny bodies can’t yet comprehend the apex of human agony.
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Clog’s guide to learning the Cal Drinking Song

It’s the work of art that acts both as a school anthem and as an agent in our unification, the tune symbolizing our trademark intensity and a secret spell that will immortalize the college experience. For this monstrous power to be so underutilized by the student body — well, that’s
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College: It’s bananas

But as I failed to make sense of my own yellow-peeled stupidity, I realized that I don’t even know me; I’ve merely met me. The horrible truth is that I’m not sure exactly why I smuggled bananas.
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Personal Essay: Catholi-schism

I‘ve decided it’s best for me not to get confirmed.”   I’ll never forget the face my grandmother made when those words drove their way out of me with a sheepish rasp. I was 16 years old when I revoked my membership from the Catholic Church in front of Uncle
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The Throwback Thursday you need

Millenial Meltdown

Instead of excavating through the reserves of childhood photos and late-90s Polaroids (I think it was 1999 when Congress passed the Polaroids Are Cool Again Act) on my computer for a suitable Throwback Thursday Instagram, I thought I would go one step further. I went to see a movie. In IMAX.
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Where healthcare meets Halacha

Thinking Theology

To some, these tidbits of Jewish law might be just antiquated statements written a century to thousands of years ago. But, for me — and I’m sure for members of other faiths — they’re a reminder that religious authorities believed providing for people’s needs, confronting unequal access to healthcare and alleviating poverty, is more than just a nice practice, but a God-given mandate.
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Practicing no religion is a right, too

Social Double-take

“I’m sorry to say this, but on this track, you’re condemned to eternal wrath in hell.” OK. Not the most pleasant thing anyone has said to me. And certainly not what I was expecting to hear when I went over to Free Speech Movement Cafe that day for some sunshine
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