In solidarity with Pittsburgh


On Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018, a man went into a Pittsburgh synagogue and killed 11 people. According to the Anti-Defamation League, this was the largest attack on the Jewish people in U.S. history. I wish I could say that I was shocked when I heard the news. I was sitting
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In defense of the IDF

On Tuesday, Yehuda Shaul, co-founder and head of the organization Breaking the Silence (BtS), spoke on campus. BtS claims it “exposes” the actions of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the occupied territories by accumulating the testimonies of soldiers about various prevention tactics exercised by the IDF. BtS casts itself
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Breaking the silence around occupation

My fist on the door shatters the midnight silence. Thud. Thud. I pause, listening to hear whether anyone is inside. Nothing — thud. Taking a step back, I tense up and launch my boot through the door. My heartbeat peaks as I jet into a stranger’s home. I barrel through
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The Discomfort Zone

The Internet has been a fun place this week. Well, fun is relative. It was probably fun if you, like me, avoided the scores of CalSERVE, Student Action and SQUELCH! Facebook posts and messages that accumulated in the week before election day. If you lingered on Facebook with “Thrift Shop”
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Occupy Rosh Hashana: Protest in Berkeley

Members of the Jewish community held a protest in Downtown Berkeley on Monday September 17th called Occupy Rosh Hashana. The protest marked the one year anniversary of Occupy Berkeley and was held on the Jewish new year.