UC Berkeley Labor Center study shows COVID-19 impacts on workforce

Photo of a Trader Joe's employee stocking a shelf
Lisi Ludwig/Senior Staff
A UC Berkeley Center for Labor Reseach and Education study investigated racial, gender and ethnicity-based segregation in California’s workforce, as well as the different impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on jobs. Pictured above is a local Trader Joe’s that has been abiding by COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, two-thirds of the California labor force would be considered as being employed in occupations of close proximity, according to a Nov. 30 study from the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education.
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BART announces plans for rail car assembly site in Bay Area

BART joined Bombardier Transportation, the manufacturer of its “Fleet of the Future” railway cars, for a Friday press conference to announce the upcoming implementation of a new railway car assembly site in Pittsburg, California, which will reduce the shipping distance for BART’s rail cars by more than 3,000 miles.
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