Ghost from a ghost story looms, lonely and alone, in a dark corner

The specter of Casey Affleck’s past ruined ‘A Ghost Story’ for me

We cannot separate abusive artists from the art they create — in order to hold them accountable, we must condemn their actions and acknowledge their impact

Content warning: sexual violence When watching movies, we bring much more than popcorn and M&M’s — we bring our experiences, both consciously and subconsciously, and they inform our perception of each film we watch. David Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” is built on the premise of this intimate cinematic exchange that
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Overheard at the Oscars

Ellen DeGeneres is up onstage introducing the presenters for one of those awards that no one really cares about, except if they were nominated. All the A-listers in the audience start to quietly talk to one another in order to escape the snooze-fest. Over in the “Wolf of Wall Street”
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‘Her’ is an age-old love story in a futuristic time

In a year of Glassholes, smartphone trolling and an explosion in the amount of attention paid to artificially intelligent or robotic technologies, “Her” offers a safe and inviting image of a technology-obsessed future. The new Spike Jonze feature, while getting the details of how most humans actually interact with technology completely
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Hollywood comes to Berkeley: Hillside School chosen as movie set

Berkeley Unified School District’s Hillside School, closed since 1985, was chosen to be a part of the movie set for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, “The Master.” The film features Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman who were alleged to be on set at Hillside School on Thursday
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