Running in slow motion

Champagne Problems

My mother is a doctor. On a few occasions in my life — in restaurants, on planes or on the side of the street — we have come across someone who has fallen, fainted or had some kind of accident. Concerned and curious people swarm around the injured person until
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Reminder: Smell the roses

Life is hard — it’s unfair a lot of the time. No matter how many obstacles have been overcome, the next is not too far away. This may be a cynical way of looking at things, but it’s the truth. It’s undeniable. Some people just deal with their problems better
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Bay Area leads state in job growth

Although economic development and employment growth remain stagnant in the United States, several regions in California, including the Bay Area, are rising above the nation’s daunting statistics. According to economists at the UCLA Anderson Forecast, the Bay Area has been adding jobs this year at a faster rate than California
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