The agony that is the ASUC


For you as readers, I will provide analysis and even more than that — new information that will blow your Cal socks right off — if you care about this stuff. The actions and absence of actions by the ASUC in and out of official meetings bring a fantastically dramatic dimension to the student government and will hopefully do the same for this column. My stories will make you feel like Gossip Girl and The West Wing had a love child named the ASUC. The ridiculous amounts of money students spend on their election campaigns make even Meg Whitman weep. Juiciness will be for another day, but I encourage you to read on.
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ASUC executives reflect on their offices’ goals

As the academic year comes to a close, a new set of ASUC executives is preparing to enter office and work on their campaign platforms. The five outgoing executive officers have achieved some of the goals they campaigned on, but others remain incomplete. Although each came into office with his
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Pathetic partisanship

CAMPUS ISSUES: Student Action’s victory in this year’s ASUC election reveals a worrying complacency in the student government’s attitude.

UC Berkeley alum and former Intel CEO Andrew Grove once said, “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure.” While the ASUC is far from being a failed body, his words hint at a troubling trend very much present in our student government’s party system. On Thursday, it was announced that, for
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ASUC April 18 Senate Meeting Agenda

At the ASUC Senate’s thirteenth week of session, a bill in support of negotiations with BART for student subsidies will be discussed, along with the reorganization of the ASUC Auxiliary’s administration and a ballot fee referendum to support The Daily Californian. According to a senate bill, BART is open to negotiating
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Out of order

CAMPUS AFFAIRS: The ASUC Senate’s choice to uphold President Vishalli Loomba’s executive order threatens campus democracy.

The ASUC is often criticized for failing to serve the students it exists to represent. Yet few times in recent memory has UC Berkeley’s student government taken action that so clearly delegitimizes the democratic ideals it purports to exemplify. On Wednesday evening, the ASUC Senate voted to uphold an executive
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2012 ASUC election endorsements

Taking a Stand

Click here to read the Senior Editorial Board’s full endorsements. In the past academic year, UC Berkeley students have met history head-on, continually shouting for our rights and ideals — whatever those may be. Instances including the Berkeley College Republicans’ intentionally racist bake sale, police violence at Occupy Cal, Louis
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ASUC to host roundtable with state Assembly members

The ASUC will host a roundtable discussion about the Middle Class Scholarship Act with Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, on Thursday in the ASUC Senate chambers in Eshleman Hall. The two former UC Berkeley students coauthored the act, which is designed to close
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External Affairs VP candidates explain higher education goals

Candidates for ASUC external affairs vice president this year intend to advocate for students’ voice at the state and local levels of government, but the candidates differ in where they intend to focus and how they plan to achieve their goals. The external affairs vice president focuses on matters outside
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ASUC Senate passes bill supporting student supermajority district

The ASUC Senate voted Wednesday to support the creation of a student supermajority district in Berkeley, despite concerns that a student city council member might not be able to adequately represent all students. The bill endorsed the idea of altering the city charter to eliminate its current restrictions against a
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