A circumcised heart


Melody. 20. Bio: “Probably writing a stand-up bit about you.” Cue picture of me wearing a kitschy Hanukkah sweater, picture of me dressed up as Guy Fieri and the grand finale: me and Larry David photoshopped together. Some may say my dating profile is obnoxiously Jewish. I oppose this notion
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Staff picks for fun, quick reads over winter break

It’s winter break, and ‘tis the season for the inevitable dilemma of how to kill time on an excruciatingly boring plane ride or car trip. I’ve compiled a few charming novels to make time fly – they’re mostly personal favorites that I’ve found to be enjoyable, feel-good reads. To avoid
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The never-ending story

The New-Age Bard

But has it become too cliche to think of what unites us? Here we are, somewhere on the lifeline between birth and death. Where we are all subject to the whims of the same sky and plant our feet on the same earth. Where we fall in love and give birth and grow old and allow the cycle to begin again. Every story merely explores some question of what it means to be alive.
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The Book Nook: Discover yourself in ‘Paper Towns’

The book: “Paper Towns” by John Green Suggested for: Anyone who enjoys excellent reading and a moving story about discovering yourself and how to understand those around you. Clog rating:   Regardless of how many years you are now removed from it, there are very few of us who don’t
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Escaping the labyrinth

Murmurs from the Bathroom Wall

Sharpied onto a bathroom wall in Evans is a cityscape not unlike Berkeley. Far above it, what appears to be a rock climber scales the stall. A rope from above fastens him to the very top and a rope from below anchors him to the city. Just inches from reaching
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They know me there

Critical Musings

I spent a lot of time on the north side of campus last semester, and what that meant was that I spent a lot of time at the restaurants located there. There was one cafe in particular that I was especially fond of and frequented most. I loved the way the
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